Hookwire localisation


This procedure is used when a lump or micro calcifications need to be removed and the area cannot be felt by the surgeon. It is generally used because the other biopsies haven’t provided enough information for a firm diagnosis to be made.

Using the mammogram machine (or ultrasound machine) as a guide, a sterilised thin guide wire with a hook is guided into the area that needs to be removed. This is done using local anaesthetic and should not be uncomfortable. It will be held in place with tape against your breast. The wire is put in on the same day as your surgery at the radiology rooms.

In the operating theatre, under general anaesthetic, the surgeon can follow the wire directly to the area of concern. This enables the removal of the minimum amount of tissue. Once removed, the specimen is x-rayed and sent away to the laboratory for testing. A report will be sent back to your doctor or specialist.