reduce your risk

Know how your breasts normally look and feel from age 20 so you’re more likely to notice changes. Breast cancer’s highly treatable if it’s diagnosed early.

signs of breast cancer

Any changes in the size or shape of your breast which are unusual for you. Any changes, see your doctor!

i’ve found a lump

It is important to remember that most breast changes are not breast cancer, however any new or unusual changes need to be checked promptly by a doctor.

what do my biopsy results mean ?

The pathologist prepares a report of the findings, including the diagnosis, and sends it to your surgeon or oncologist.

what are my surgical options ?

Every woman is different and requires her own treatment plan, as no two breast cancers are the same.

what happens after surgery ?

Breast cancer is a complex disease and it’s important to understand that your treatment plan is specific to your type of breast cancer.

lymphodema after breast cancer

It’s important to know the signs of lymphoedema and show any unusual swelling to your doctor even if you were treated years ago.