Scholarship Programme

In 2004, so as to foster the growth of the breast cancer medical workforce in NZ, The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation launched a scholarship programme for Postgraduate Medical Imaging Technologists (Mammography) and Undergraduate Radiation Therapists. The Foundation has continued to grow the scholarship programme so to further support Radiation Therapists and Medical Imaging Technologists academic and clinical training within the field of breast cancer in New Zealand.  2013 will see the programme in its ninth year.

For information on our current scholarships, go to our scholarships page.

Mammography scholarship Recipients:

2012: Erin Jackson
2011: Ming Ha Sidnam
2010: Andrea West, Katie Clamp, Taryn Moore and Melissa Grave
2009: Anna Buller, Chantel Greyling, Christy Haynes, Sarah Cowley, Shirley Kwasnick, Renette Rossouw, Rio de Guzman and Shelly Fenwick
2007-2008: Bianca Smythe, Dominique Pichon, Devika Rai, Christine Lee, Dali Roberts, Shireen Al-Mudallal, Sarah Mcilmoyle and Katrina Taylor
2006: Elisabeth Snelson, Shelly Fenwick, Carolyn Mead, Lisa Gould, Sandra Riley and Rachael Woods
2005: Olga Korobora and Karen Adam

Radiation Therapist Recipients: 

2012: Dean Paterson and Prashika Poonam
2011: Ryan Carlisle, Aafreen Vaz, Mengnan (Nancy) Yang, Karen Coleman, Fiona Lee, Kelsi Allen, Ying-Shi Tang, Katherine Bird and Emma Fawcett
2010: Jemma Hurley, Abbey Gould, Shelley Pearson, Samantha Larking, Stephanie Arnerich, 
Catherine Baird, Joanna Yan and Bradley Marriner 
2009: Anna Groot, Anna Knox, Madeline Marshall-McNabb, Jayne Queree, Zoe Nilsson, Amanda Brown, Amanda Phillips and Amy Clare
2008: Emma Miles, Lucy Ayers, Sarah Lancaster, Emma Short, Emma Kinzett and Hamish Straker
2007: Rebecca Huthwaite, Susan Hewitt, Bailee Stratton, Toni Jackson, Dean Paterson and Sarah Woodroofe
2006: Sarah Davey, Kate Littlejohn, Laura Chaloner, Jonathon Devery, Michelle Beh and Jessica Lacey
2005: Kimberley Gallagher, Saskia Booiman, Kerryn Waight and Jenna Davidson