Community Education

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Education programme delivers an effective breast cancer and breast awareness Education programme.

The programme increases community awareness and understanding of breast cancer and breast health awareness and aims to:
•    increase the number of women over 40 who have mammograms
•    improve information about breast cancer
•    to increase awareness of risks and lifestyle choices 
•    Reach out to at risk communities – Maori and Pacific Islanders
•    Raise knowledge of risk factors for breast cancer

Our National Educators are available for  presentations within all sectors of the community;  work places, community centres/houses, events, government and non-government organisations, sector groups, disability and mental health services as well as men and women's services. These sessions can be tailored to the needs of individual workplaces/groups - from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Any presentations outside of the greater Auckland area will require reimbursement of the Educator's travel/accommodation costs and a minimum number of participants.

For a booking please email 

We work alongside Maori and Pacific service providers to ensure the information provided for their women is accurate and appropriate. Our key focus is to work alongside at risk communities to improve their breast cancer outcomes.

Comprehensive online educational resources are available

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