The Foundation's Research Grant Programme was established in September 2001 and is dedicated solely to New Zealand-based research projects (which can include the NZ arm of an international study).

Grant applications may be reviewed by the Foundation's Medical Advisory Committee (comprising clinicians from across the spectrum of breast cancer disciplines), or in partnership with other funders such as the Health Research Council, or by an independent review panel. The criteria for evaluating applications include an assessment of scientific merit, feasibility, originality, significance and ability to achieve the project's objectives.

Research has:
•    provided new knowledge in all areas of breast cancer including: 
      o    the benefits of screening and early detection
      o    better diagnosis and treatments 
•    shown that early detection of breast cancer through mammography helps to save women’s' lives 
•    produced new knowledge of the best way to treat breast cancers using chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy 
•    allowed doctors to better predict how a particular breast cancer will react to treatment and match the most effective treatment to their patient.


CLOSED: NZBCF Belinda Scott Fellowships 2017

CLOSED: NZBCF Belinda Scott Clinical Fellowship: Advanced clinical training / practice or clinical research (i.e. patient-oriented research, involving direct interactions with human subjects, including therapeutic interventions, pilots or clinical trials). 

CLOSED: NZBCF Belinda Scott Science Fellowship: Translational or basic science research, promoting advances in breast cancer epidemiology, prevention, cause, detection, diagnosis and management.  Proposed studies should have significant potential to advance our understanding of breast cancer, and lead to reductions in breast cancer incidence and/or mortality. 

CLOSED: Innovation and Impact in Breast Cancer 2016: Breast cancer prevention, prevention of metastasis, improving clinical practice for better patient outcomes, genomic testing, treatments for advanced breast cancer and benchmarking / best practice. 

Recent funding: Collaborate and Innovate in Breast Cancer 2017 - CLOSED
The NZBCF is seeking proposals for collaborative research with clear clinical potential (including clinical trials) in the following areas aligned to the NZBCF mission: early detection, new and improved targeted therapies, extending survival for metastatic breast cancer patients and improving clinical practice for better patient outcomes. 

We also welcome proposals in the following areas aligned to current strategic priorities: genomic testing, reduction of inequities in treatment or outcome, benchmarking / best practice. 

This round is now closed - applicants have been notified of the outcome.

Enquiries about grants and fellowships can be directed to or,nz