The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is a member of CANGO (Cancer Non-Governmental Organisations), an alliance of eight prominent New Zealand cancer charities – Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa, Child Cancer Foundation, Hospice New Zealand, Leukaemia & Blood Cancer, New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Melanoma Foundation and The Cancer Society.

The group was formed in 2007 in an effort to increase collaboration among cancer charities. Chief Executives of member organisations meet quarterly to discuss key issues facing the sector; to meet and share information with representatives from the Ministry of Health, Cancer Control New Zealand, and others working in cancer-related areas; and to work together on specific initiatives that reflect the shared goal of all members to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer on New Zealand and New Zealanders.

CANGO Election Manifesto 2011
As part of its Election Manifesto 2011 “Cancer in New Zealand: a critical election issue”, CANGO calls on the next New Zealand government to take action to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer in New Zealand and to address inequalities relating to cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Specifically, CANGO calls on the next New Zealand Government

• to proactively support action on the prevention of Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) in New Zealand;

• to take steps to reduce inequalities in the areas of cancer prevention, screening & diagnosis, treatment, and mortality rates;

• to roll out the bowel cancer screening programme;

• to guarantee equitable access for all New Zealanders to high-quality cancer diagnostic services, treatment & palliative care, and ensure timely access to treatment, medicines, and technology irrespective of ethnicity, location, or ability to pay;

• to commit to a solutions-focused cancer workforce review;

• to enhance existing information technology systems and capability to allow development of a comprehensive national cancer registry; and

• to support and invest in a national cancer research strategy.

Read the full CANGO Manifesto here