The Foundation plays a significant role in ensuring breast cancer is highly profiled. Key issues that arise are picked up on and support given as required. An important aim is to influence those who make and fund policies on the management of breast cancer in NZ. With 1 in 9 NZ women diagnosed with breast cancer in the course of their lifetime, families, friends and communities are affected. NZBCF is a committed member of CANGO

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation advocates on the following issues: 

•    Ensuring at-risk groups have access to funded mammograms
•    The continuation of improving access to treatment and care for all New Zealanders with breast cancer
•    The development and implementation of New Zealand guidelines to improve consistency of care when dealing with every aspect of breast cancer
•    The rolling out of a national breast cancer patient register
•    Improved access to breast cancer drugs
•    Advocate for women to have access to reconstructive surgery


Extending free mammograms to women aged 70-74

Although free mammograms end at 69, women in their early 70s are still at risk of breast cancer. We're advocating for the free mammogram age to be raised to 74, so that these lively women, valued by their friends and families, can catch breast cancer early and have the best outcome possible.

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Local Concerns/Issues
Since the Foundation was established a number of local issues and concerns have been brought to the Foundation’s attention. This allows the Foundation to gain an understanding of what is important to individual communities throughout the country and to address any issues that do require attention

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