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Anya's daughter saved her life

It was Emma's persistent nagging which drove her mother Anya (pictured) to go for a mammogram at age 58. She's so grateful she did because her very first mammogram revealed breast cancer.

In her doctor's opinion, Anya's cancer had probably started growing two years earlier to become the size it was. Despite checking her breasts often, she had not felt a thing. 

The Foundation urges all women to have regular mammograms from age 40 and to continue in your seventies if in good health. Finding cancer early increases the rate of survival.



  Men, does breast cancer run in your family?  

Each year a small number of New Zealand men are diagnosed with breast cancer. If your sister and mum developed breast or ovarian cancer under the age of 50, you may be at greater risk. Men need to be breast aware too especially as they get older.


  6 reasons we put off mammograms

Women with breast cancer often tell us they’re so glad they didn’t put off their mammogram. There are a million excuses not to go for your mammogram, and one really important reason why you should! Mammograms look for breast cancer well before a lump can be felt. Early detection could save your life.

News and Events

• Need support to get through? There are local breast cancer support groups all across New Zealand who want to help others cope with their diagnosis and treatment. If you'd like someone to talk too, get in touch.FIND SUPPORT

• Just diagnosed? The NZBCF helps fund 'Step by Step', a free support pack, published by Breast Cancer Aotearoa, a network of breast cancer survivors. This new edition includes information, a diary to record medical procedures and a journal, all reviewed by medical professionals. Order by emailing your name and address to

• Pink Ribbon Breakfast breaks records
Thank you to everyone who hosted, sponsored or attended a Pink Ribbon Breakfast in May. Over 2200 breakfasts were held around the country raising over $1million to help fund breast cancer research right here in NZ. The early morning enthusiasm and fun shines through in the many photos we received. Can you find your event?  LOOK HERE

• Area Coordinators wanted –Nelson, Greymouth, Marton, New Plymouth plus Auckland, Wellington, Waikato, Christchurch and Dunedin. If you'd like to make a world of difference in just 2 days, join the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal as an Area Coordinator on October 10 and 11. We recruit the volunteers and you help manage them. Phone 0508 105 105 or EMAIL US

• Estee Lauder Companies Pink Star Walk is coming! Wellington (4th October), Auckland (11th October) and Christchurch(18th October). This fun twilight 5km and 10 km walk also includes a 21km half marathon option in Christchurch. Funds raised will go towards research and support programmes like Sweet Louise, YWCA Encore and PINC rehab. SIGN UP HERE

Tell us what type of stories you'd like to read in your Pink Ribbon Express.  We'd love your feedback.

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