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8 Key Messages from Consumer/Patient Day 

The Consumer/Patient Day at the 2nd Australasian Breast Congress saw over 200 people affected by breast cancer gather to hear local and international experts talk about advances and controversies in treatment.

We've pulled together eight of the most important messages that were discussed on the day. 

The speakers covered a lot of content, so if you're interested in watching the full talks and Q&A sessions, we've got the videos for you to view. 

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  Memory loss and concentration problems on tamoxifen - sound familiar?


When Pamela Munster, and American oncologist, talked to a room of breast cancer survivors about tamoxifen, questions about side effects came in like rockets. It was clear that very few women cruise through hormone therapy without issues.

One of the most common problems is 'brain fog' - where women have worsened memory and troubles concentrating. With recent studies telling us that ten years on those drugs carries greater survival benefits than five, combatting side effects is more important than ever. 

A group of Kiwi researchers have some ideas about fixing 'brain fog', and they're testing them out in a new clinical trial that you could be involved in.

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  NZ's Pink Lady Apples gives Kiwis the chance to 'take a bite for breast cancer'



Kiwis get the opportunity to 'take a bite for breast cancer' as we announce our new partnership with Pink Lady Apples New Zealand.

Not only will every Pink Lady apple purchased between July and October help fund research, education and support for NZ women with breast cancer, but Pink Lady's healthy, natural deliciousness contributes positively to overall health and wellness. 

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News, Views and Events

•  Free exercise classes for women with breast cancer  We funding women with breast cancer to attend cancer rehab sessions with the amazing team at PINC & STEEL. They run one-on-one sessions with a physio for women going through treatment, and group 'Next Steps' classes for women who have finished treatment. Interested? Find out more. 

•  New financial assistance info now on our website  Cancer treatment can cause huge struggles financially, but there is support in place. We've recently updated the information on our website about financial assistance available in NZ. Check out what assistance is available for you.

•  Sign up for the 2016 Auckland Marathon  Raise vital funds for women with breast cancer while ticking off your fitness goals! You can run the 12k traverse, half-marathon or full marathon for the NZBCF. The money you raise will go towards supporting women with breast cancer and funding valuable research into the disease. Find out more.

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