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Famous foodie turns up
the heat

TV foodie and author Peta Mathias (right) has kindly agreed to front this year’s Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign to help raise funds for breast cancer support and education. Watch out for Peta as she urges Kiwis to “put their pinnies on” and host a breakfast in our TV and radio commercials, running from mid-April.

Pink Ribbon Express asked Peta how breast cancer has touched her life, and why she chose to get involved in the campaign.
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Beyond the lump...whatyouneed to know

Do you know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, beyond the obvious symptom of a lump? Our own Dr Belinda Scott shares what every woman needs to know.
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One woman's 'tri-bug' spreads

A personal connection with breast cancer motivated Northland woman, DJ Gillming to sign up for the Bissell Women’s Series, a multisport event run in six centres across New Zealand. DJ'sgoalis to raise funds to help support women with breast cancer and to challenge herself.
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News and Events

Pacific Island women more at risk.While more Pacific Island women are having mammograms according to recent national screening data, the mortality rate from breast cancer is still higher than those of NZ European women. READ MORE

Did you know…we have a free breast health DVD aimed at Pacific Island women recorded in 3 different languages? If you're a health professional or involved in health education ORDER HERE

Get your 2013/2014 Entertainment Books hereand help fight breast cancer. With 20% of each sale coming back to the NZBCF, this book provides up to 50% off and 2 for 1 offers from many of NZ’s finest dining and leisure outlets. BUY NOW

Breast cancer - did you have anyprior symptoms?

Following on from this issue’s story “Beyond the Lump”, did you have any symptoms prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer? Tell us what concerned or prompted you to get checked out by emailing

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