Sign our petition to extend screening to 74

October 1, 2014

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation wants free mammogram screening extended to age 74, from the current upper age limit of 69.


If you're a 70-year-old woman today, chances are you'll live to 89 - 20 years after your last free mammogram. Your risk of breast cancer is higher in your 70s than in your 50s - and most of us want to live healthy, active lives into old age.


Studies show that screening women in their 70s results in fewer large, hard-to-treat cancers being found, and increases survival. Extending the screening age to 74 will bring New Zealand in line with Australia, which has better breast cancer survival than us.


To sign the petition, download it here:  screening age petition form.docx

Print the page and sign it - and ask your friends to sign it too! Then post it back to:

Screening Petition

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

PO Box 99 650


Auckland 1149