Previously Unavailable

Previously Unavailable is an innovation consultancy business based in Auckland, dedicated to helping companies grow by creating more successful product, service and customer experience innovations.

There website is an essential guide to the latest in innovation ideas, trends and thought leadership from around the world. Previously Unavailable was started in 2014 by NZBCF Trustee, James Hurman. In 2013 James was named the world’s #1 advertising strategist, renowned globally for his successes with highly innovative and effective communications campaigns.

Previously Unavailable is the first company of its kind in New Zealand and works with many of the country’s leading corporate, public and start-up organisations, helping them create more successful product and customer experience innovations.

Together with NZBCF, Previously Unavailable created the concept - '1000 Tees for 1000 Women' a campaign to raise funds to create a new, tailored counselling service for women with breast cancer. 1,000 t-shirts numbered one to 1,000 were available to purchase for the dollar value of their individual number. More details about the campaign can be found here