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Partial mastectomy better for survival than mastectomy?

Helen Glenny 0 445
A new study from the Netherlands has shown that a smaller surgery that removes only part of the breast, plus radiation, is just as effective as a mastectomy, and may even improve survival rates.

Not all women are eligible for both surgeries. If your tumour is large relative to your breast, or if the cancer cells are spread around your breast, you might need a mastectomy. But women with small, confined cancers usually have a choice between mastectomy and BCS.

The NZBCF recommends all women have an in-depth discussion with their surgeons about which surgery best suits their situation.

The Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of non-profit organisations. Each year, over 10,000 people donate their time to the NZBCF, whether it’s out on the streets, on the road, or in our office.

There’s no doubt that these volunteers enjoy themselves. Doing good, after all, makes people feel good. But that’s not the only benefit of volunteering. Researchers have found that giving up your time for a cause could actually help you live longer. 

Worrying about wasting GPs’ time is stopping people from seeking help

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A UK study has revealed that many patients don’t report cancer “alarm symptoms” to their GP, because they’re worried about wasting their GP's time.

The study found that long wait times gave the impression GPs were very busy, which meant patients wouldn't go unless they felt their symptoms were very serious. 

Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Deserve a Slice of Pharmac's $124 Million Funding Boost

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The Government’s 2016 budget, released yesterday, gave Pharmac a much-needed funding boost. The government has committed $124 million over four years, bumping Pharmac’s annual budget up to $850 million – the highest it’s ever been.

But in New Zealand, advanced breast cancer patients are lacking treatment options. This is particularly hard to stomach when you consider the fact that life-extending treatment options exist, and are publicly funded for women with breast cancer in Australia and the UK. 

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