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Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Deserve a Slice of Pharmac's $124 Million Funding Boost

Helen Glenny 0 196

The Government’s 2016 budget, released yesterday, gave Pharmac a much-needed funding boost. The government has committed $124 million over four years, bumping Pharmac’s annual budget up to $850 million – the highest it’s ever been.

But in New Zealand, advanced breast cancer patients are lacking treatment options. This is particularly hard to stomach when you consider the fact that life-extending treatment options exist, and are publicly funded for women with breast cancer in Australia and the UK. 

Late-night snacking could increase your breast cancer recurrence risk

Helen Glenny 0 3404

Recent research is encouraging breast cancer survivors to ditch the late-night snacks and extend their overnight fast in order to prevent cancer recurrence.

Researchers monitored over 2000 breast cancer survivors’ eating habits, and found that those who avoided eating for 13 hours or more overnight had a 36% lower rate of breast cancer recurrence.  

What about the other breast?

Helen Glenny 0 1936

Over the last 20 years the number of preventative breast cancer surgeries has increased; surgeries intended to reduce a woman’s risk of getting the disease.

But are these surgeries actually preventing anything? And do the negative effects of the surgery outweigh the benefits?

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