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Breast Health Resources

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation has a wealth of free information on breast health and breast cancer that can be ordered or downloaded. Order your free NZBCF resources from us here today.

If you'd like a breast health educator to present to your group or workplace, find out more here.


Breast Awareness: What you need to know (A5 booklet)
Breast Awareness Bookmark
Ask A Nurse: 0800 BC Nurse (DLE cards)
Finding breast cancer services
Breast Cancer - Can we help you?
Free Counselling for anyone with breast cancer
Reduce Your Risk March 2015
Reduce Your Risk (English)
Reduce Your Risk (Maori)
Reduce Your Risk (Tongan)
Reduce Your Risk (Samoan)
Reduce Your Risk (Cook Island Maori)
Reduce your Risk (Chinese)
Reduce your Risk (Korean)
Real Signs of breast cancer
Look After Your Breasts
Know Your B.R.A.S (credit card size)
Family History of B/C
TLC - Checked Your Breasts Lately?
Men get Breast Cancer too (PostCard)
Breast cancer: Surgical Options
Breast cancer: After surgery
Breast cancer: Biopsy results
I’ve found a breast lump What Happens Next
Breast cancer: Lymphoedema
DL Gift Label Sheets
Check your breasts - learn how (A3)
Breast cancer: not always a lump (A3)
Mums need mammograms - Beatrice & Damien (A4)
Don't be shy (A4)
Don't be shy A3 Poster (Breast Aware)
Don't be shy A3 Poster 2015 (Book your Mammog)
Medikidz Books
She's Got Breast Cancer - a book for men
Life, Happiness and Cancer by Phil Kerslake
Breast Support by Gwendoline Smith
Having surgery + CD
Chemo & Back Again by Andrea Fairbairn
Beating our Breasts by Margaret Clark
Wahine ki te Wahine DVD
Breast Cancer: Reduce Your Risk
(16 minute)
Love Faith & Hope: Women of the Pacific (Pacific DVD: 21 minute)
Love Faith & Hope: Women of the Pacific (Pacific DVD: 12 minute)
* limit of one copy

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