Questions to ask your surgeon


1. How much of my breast needs to be removed?

2. How will my breast look after surgery?

3. What should I expect after surgery like drains, movement, comfort, nerve damage and any ongoing changes?

4. Will I have feeling in my breast?

5. Will I be able to still breastfeed in the future?

6. When should I begin to use the affected arm, and what arm exercises should I do to prevent stiffness?

7. Will I require further treatment?

8. If I choose to have implants, will they need replacing in the future?

9. How will the breast surgery affect my work/sex/physical life?

10. Can I talk to someone who has had the operation?

11.How much will the surgery cost?

12. When will my first follow-up appointment be scheduled?

13. What support is available after the surgery - lymphoedema prevention, psychological assistance, survivorship care/lifestyle advice?