Phil Kerslake, author of “Life, Happiness…..& Cancer” shares some insights into how to practice self-care when dealing with the stress and anxieties that often accompany cancer. These are suggested as a complementary therapy to medical treatments. 

• Meditation and visualisation can enable you to relax and remain positive and focused on your recovery. They can also help lessen your treatment side-effects, such as nausea and pain. 

• Music and writing can help you express your emotions, replace depressed feelings with positivity and overcome fears that could otherwise impede your ability to communicate and make decisions.

• Humour is everyone’s best friend, especially at times like this. Building your own ‘humour library’ and stimulating laughter can raise your spirits, help you face procedures, and enable you to access and express your emotions if they are stifled.
• Affirmations and goal setting can focus your mind on favourable outcomes and in a very real sense sustain your hope and faith.

• Social support networks such as peer networking, or spending time with your good friends between treatments, can help you feel ‘normal’ again, provide some respite from the rigours of hospital stays and help with problem-solving and decision-making. 

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Susie was treated for HER2 positive breast cancer and writes “I was interested in trying to do something for myself,  instead of relying solely on the medical profession.  I still listen to my meditation CD and stick generally to an organic, low meat, low dairy, low sugar diet. All of the dietary and meditation ideas are to get your body in the best possible state, so that your own immune system can fight against and destroy any further cancer cells.”