Stereotactic core biopsy


This form of biopsy is commonly used for women whose mammograms show calcifications in their breasts. Calcium is what is in our bones and a large number of women have scattered calcifications in their breasts. By far the majority of these are benign but can also be an early sign of cancer. The calcifications or area of concern are targeted using a needle – called a stereotactic needle – much like a core biopsy. Your breast will be compressed in the mammogram machine, and the calcifications located. The needle will then be directed into the area while your breast is held still. Local anaesthetic will be used and the needle will take calcifications and tissue from the area. The sample will be x-rayed to make certain that the tissue wanted has been collected. Again all tissue is sent away to a laboratory for analysis and a report outlining any findings will be sent to your doctor or specialist. This test can take a few hours. You will need someone to drive you and be available for support.