Women 40 plus

Read About:

Carolyn (diagnosed at 46, stage one cancer, radiation therapy, no chemo)

Cathy (diagnosed at 45, carcinoma of the nipple, no radiation or chemo)

Rose (diagnosed at 43, with DCIS, no chemo)

Paul's wife Miffy (diagnosed at 41 with triple negative breast cancer) 

Leanne (died at 41 of inflammatory breast cancer)  

Jeannie  (diagnosed at 59, developed lymphoedema)

Jude (diagnosed at 51, DCIS, mastectomy and reconstruction)

Yolanda (diagnosed at 43 from her first mammogram, stage 2 cancer, surgery and radiation therapy)

Bette (diagnosed at 51, surgery, chemo, radiation and tamoxifen)

Anya (diagnosed at 58 from her first mammogram)


Lea, (mum of two, breast cancer “free’ for nine years)

Jane, (diagnosed 2009, mum of three)

Anne Thorp  (Chef, NZBCF Ambassador – her story of survival)

Liz Mitchell – Designer, NZBCF Ambassador - diagnosed in her early 40’s 

Rosemary's Story  (diagnosed at 56)

Jill & Angela's Story (Two Sisters' stories, diagnosed at 49 and 48)

Leigh's Story (diagnosed at 48)

Deidre's Story (diagnosed at 43)