A breast cancer diagnosis presents many challenges and one of the Foundation's roles is to support New Zealanders and their families living with the disease.

If you or a family member have questions around your treatment or you can't find what you're looking for here, call or email our breast care nurse on 0800BCNurseIn addition, there are a range of support groups, online forums and resources to support the unique issues faced by younger women with breast cancer.

In this section:

Finding other young women with breast cancer
personal stories from younger women
Helpful NZ Organisations
Search our online directory of breast cancer services
Younger women websites
Counselling and advice lines
Books for young women with breast cancer

Other young women with breast cancer
It can be great support to connect with other young women with breast cancer as they understand exactly what you are going though. It is also beneficial to connect with young women who’ve finished their breast cancer treatment – talking to survivors can provide answers to questions and offer hope that you too can get through this. You can connect with other young women affected by breast cancer in a number of ways:

If you would like to join a private (closed) New Zealand Facebook group, contact either the

Breast Cancer Network

Young Survivors

LOse fear haVE HOPE

Shocking Pink

Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition

Auckland has a Young Women’s Group run by Breast Cancer Support which consists of monthly support group meetings for women aged 20-45.  
The Cancer Society offers Cancer Connect where they will match you with another young breast cancer survivor by phone. Alternatively CancerChat NZ - is an online support group run by the Cancer Society 

A good online forum for younger women is run by Breast Cancer Australia

If you've been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, consider joining ‘Metavivors NZ a closed NZ forum specifically for those with advanced breast cancer. To join please contact

Younger women websites
Shocking Pink. Established by Kylie and Cheryle, two young New Zealand women with breast cancer, this useful site is aimed at addressing the unique issues and challenges faced by younger women diagnosed with the disease. They aim to tell it like it really is, because they’ve been there too. Shocking Pink also run a closed group on facebook to encourage connections amongst younger women with breast cancer. Shocking Pink also run in person support groups in Christchurch, and many of the members of the Facebook group organise their own meetups.

Breast Cancer Nirvana. Established in 2011 by Andrea Fairbairn, this site focuses on providing support and inspiration to people affected by breast cancer. Andrea was first diagnosed at age 39 with breast cancer and again four years later.   She writes about her journey with and beyond breast cancer.
Services offered: information, blogs, eBooks, local support groups.
Delissimon Monica was diagnosed at 30 and writes about her journey with breast cancer

Living beyond breast cancer
Breast cancer care UK/younger women  
Kenzie’s gift - tips for young women    
American site of the Young Survival Coalition   -  information and online sources specifically for younger women 
Cancer Australia (National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre) - good resources including brochures and a DVD for young women with breast cancer   

Counselling and advice lines
If you need to speak to someone who's been through breast cancer, support is close at hand.
Breast Cancer Support offers a 24-hour, all year toll free line 0800 273 222. 

The Cancer Society also offers a Cancer Information Helpline which is a free service, Monday to Friday (9-5pm) with an out-of-hours office answer-phone. Your call will be answered by an experienced cancer nurse who can help you, or someone you care about, understand any type of cancer and treatment, talk with others or find support. You can call as often as you choose and confidentiality is guaranteed 0800 CANCER (226 237). Your local Cancer Society may have a library stocked with books written by young women for young women.

To speak to a Breast Care Nurse at the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, call us on 0800 BCNURSE. 
Also talk to your GP, nurse or Employer Assistance Programme (if offered at your work) about counselling services available in the community.

Here are some ideas how friends and family can provide support. If you are able, give clear guidance about the type of support you want and need.