Breast Cancer in Families

Breast cancer in the family (5:58 min)

Find out about the family risk of breast cancer, which isn't as high as most people think.

Talk with your family members about breast cancer in your family. Just because your parent or grandparent had breast cancer doesn’t mean you’ll get it too. The risk of inherited breast cancer is low at around 5%-10% of all cases.

If you think you or your family might be at higher risk of breast cancer, read our guide on Genes and Family History, you can view it here Genes and Family History You can also talk to your doctor about your risk, and discuss the possibility of genetic testing.

View the eligibility criteria GPs use for referral to Genetic Health Services. If any of the criteria apply to you, talk to your GP about referral for testing. 

 Genetic Health Services NZ is a free service which offers genetic testing for New Zealanders suspected of being moderate or high risk. For more information on GHSNZ, see the Genetic Counselling page.

One of our Medical Advisors at the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, has provided an overview of familial breast cancer, download a paper here by Dr Ron Kay,