Helpful Organisations

Support services for women with breast cancer range from free meals, transportation, child care, wig and prostheses subsidies to rehabilitation and free grooming advice. There is wide support available, it’s just a matter of finding it. Find a service near you by searching our online directory or review this alpha-list (A-Z) of some helpful organisations across New Zealand.

Age Concern
A charitable organization dedicated to the needs of people over 65. Age concern offers expertise and knowledge of all available services for older people as well as social activities. 

Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition (BCAC)
This coalition of NZ breast cancer organisations provides a united consumer voice working to improve the detection, treatment, care and understanding of breast cancer in NZ. Their free support pack, Step by Step, contains a booklet and breast cancer treatments and support plus a diary and journal. The pack is a wonderful resource for newly diagnosed women and men, and can be ordered from BCAC's website. 

A not for profit organisation which provides a free meal or two to families in crisis, particularly those who have a parent in hospital or are going through a very difficult time. There are branches throughout NZ. 
Free Phone: 0508 BELLYFUL (0508 235 5938)

Breast Cancer Network (BCN)
BCN is an organisation for survivors of breast cancer and their supporters. It aims to promote increased efforts to prevent breast cancer – by advocacy, education, information and networking. BCN has a particular focus on risk reduction. 
Phone: 09 413 7457 (Julianne O'Brien)
Mobile: 021 287 1160 (Anna Southern - Administrator)


New Zealand Health Information Service (NZHIS)
NZHIS provides New Zealand breast cancer statistics through its website. The breast cancer statistics include:
• Incidence (male and female)
• Age at diagnosis
• Deaths
• Ethnicity
• Types of breast cancer

Cancer Society of New Zealand – Information Service
Provides free information about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, lymphoedema, counselling, wigs, prostheses, and support services.
Freephone: 0800  226 237 or 0800 CANCER

Breast Cancer Cure
A not-for-profit organisation established solely to support breast cancer research in NZ. 
Phone 0800 227 828

Genetic Health Service NZ
Genetic Health Service NZ is New Zealand's provider of expert genetic diagnosis and advice and is part of the NZ public health system. There are three genetic service hubs at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch hospitals but outreach clinics operate around the country according to demand. 
Northern Hub (Auckland): (09) 307 4949 ext. 25870, email:
Central Hub (Wellington): (04) 385 5310, email:
Southern Hub (Christchurch): (03) 378 6574, email:

Heathline is a phone service where you can talk to registered nurses 24 hours a day to get initial advice on your health and where you might go for treatment.
Freephone: 0800 611 116

Healthpoint is a tool that allows doctors, patients and caregivers to access local up-to-date information about New Zealand health providers (medical specialist, hospital), referral expectations, services offered and common treatments.

Help4U is a private health advisory service which assists people navigating and accessing New Zealand public and private health services. There’s a charge of $50 per query, or $200 per year for assistance.
Freephone: 0800 435748 (0800HELP4U)

Kenzie's Gift
Caring for the wellbeing of children, young people and families affected by serious illness or bereavement. Offers one-to-one therapy programmes and provides free journey kits for children and parents. 
Phone: 027 345 2514

Mamazon Club
The Mamazon club supports lesbian women with breast cancer.

Maori Health Website
The Maori Health website site provides information about Maori health and highlights the policies, programmes and people addressing Maori health. There are introductions to the Maori health and disability service providers and the Ministry of Health Maori Health Directorate. Maori health statistics, publications and media releases are also available.
Email: (for general enquiries)

Ministry of Health
The National Travel Assistance Scheme offers financial assistance to patients who have to travel long distances for treatment or have to frequently attend specialist services. 

Nelson Regional Breast Cancer Trust
A registered charity which fundraises for the benefit of breast cancer patients and their families throughout the upper South Island. 

Pharmac is the Pharmaceutical Management Agency of New Zealand. It is part of the New Zealand medicines system working to improve New Zealanders’ access to, and optimal use of, medicines.

PINC Cancer Rehabilitation
The nationwide physiotherapy-based programme has been specifically designed to help women diagnosed with breast cancer regain their physical strength, rebuild self esteem and improve their body confidence. The NZBCF will provide funding for 5 free sessions although eligibility criteria apply.Steel Cancer Rehab provides a programme for men with breast cancer. 

Next StepsA ten-week group exercise programme for women who have finished their main breast cancer treatment. Delivered by a certified PINC Cancer Rehab physiotherapist, each class combines the very best pilates, yoga and cardio exercises for improving your health and fitness. A great opportunity to meet others on a similar journey. 

Phone: 09 361 1078

Waikato Breast Cancer Trust
A charitable trust enabling breast cancer research and audit. 

New Zealand Government's Wigs and hairpieces subsidy:
Ministry of Health Freephone: 0800 458 448

Wigs and Prostheses
Local suppliers and stockists of wigs and prostheses are listed on the NZBCF website or Freephone: 0800 902 732 

Women’s Health Action
Women’s Health Action provides women with high quality information and education services to enable them to maintain their health and make informed choices about their health.
Phone: 09 520 5295

Work and Income NZ (WINZ)
Apply for financial assistance and benefits.