Clinical trials – medical research studies involving patients – test whether a new medicine or procedure is both safe, and more effective than the existing standard treatment. View the current trials below or click on the Quick Links to learn more. 


Trials for patients diagnosed with Stage 0 DCIS (pre-cancer), or Stage 1 or 2 (early) invasive breast cancer.

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Advanced Breast Cancer Trials

Trials for patients diagnosed with Stage 3 (locally advanced) or Stage 4 (metastatic) breast cancer.

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Supportive Care Trials

Supportive care trials focus on improving the quality of life for people with breast cancer, including: post-surgery rehabilitation, management of treatment side-effects, palliative care, integrative care (emotional and social needs, complementary therapies)

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Screening / Prevention / Familial / Other Trials

Trials involving mammograms or other screening technologies; trials for women / families with the BRCA gene mutation; trials for breast cancer prevention. Some of these may be open to healthy volunteers, while others will be for breast cancer patients.

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