Women 70-plus

Free mammogram screening currently ends at age 69 for New Zealand women. But after 70, your risk of breast cancer is still high - higher, in fact, than it is in your 50s. If you're 70 or over and still in good health, talk to your GP and continuing with mammograms. 

The NZBCF are lobbying the government to extend the free screening age from 69 to 74 years. We recently presented a 10,000 signature petition to government to extend the screening to age 74.  Read the full story here.

Should you keep having mammograms?
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Lorraine Downes' mother Glad was diagnosed with breast
cancer at age 76.Now, Lorraine is a NZBCF ambassador.
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Show your doctor any unusual breast changes (even if
you've had a mammogram recently).
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