Breast Changes

Most breast changes are not breast cancer. In fact, nine out of ten breast lumps are non-cancerous.  It’s important however, to know what is normal for your breasts, how they usually look and feel and get any new or unusual symptoms checked out by your doctor promptly.  

In this section: 

What if my breasts change?  
It’s normal for your breasts to be a different size or shape from each other and different from other women. 

Common breast conditions
These include benign (non-cancerous) lumps, painful tenderness, breast cysts, thickening and more. 

Most importantly, if your family doctor recommends further checking of any breast lump or other breast change, you should be referred for a "triple test". This involves;

1. A clinical breast examination by a breast specialist

2. A mammography and/or ultrasound (MRI if required)

3. A biopsy (tissue sample removed from the breast for further examination)