Jude Dobson

Some say Jude has the award for the longest serving ‘lifestyle’ presenter in the current media landscape. If newsreader Judy Bailey is considered ‘the mother of the nation’, she is surely the aunt. She started though as ‘the girl next door’ in 1989 on Sale of the Century.  With only two channels and on television every week night at 7pm on one of them, it was a recipe for instant recognition. 

She moved from co - host, to anchor of a slew of TVNZ prime time lifestyle shows like Paradise Picture Show, Body and Soul, Open Home, Town and Country, and NZ Living. She went on to host her own eponymously named lifestyle show for five years, running into the 6pm news. With ten different multiyear series in prime time in nineties, Jude became a familiar face to many New Zealanders.

She set up her own production company in 2002 and has since then added other hats to the presenter one, be it writer, director, producer, researcher or event manager. She has produced multiple series of broadcast programming for NZ screens based around parenting, drawing on her nursing background which gave her a love of research driven information, and her own experience of being a mum to three children. 

She enjoys collaborating with interested parties to make good content that can truly make a difference to people’s daily lives. www.raisingchildren.org.nz is a good example of that mission – a parenting website/ app that helps parents with children newborn to age ten. She does a variety of commercial and charitable work and is also a community minded soul with ambassador roles with the Young New Zealanders Foundation and the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Promoting the importance of early detection is one her priorities when working with the NZBCF. "I think education is key for most things in life – we need to know stuff so we can use that knowledge wisely. When it comes to breast cancer I know that early detection is so important to stack things in your favour, so I’m keen to help get that message out there, and I’m an annual mammogram gal! I want to be round for my family and I’m sure other women want to be too, so I’m pleased to support the NZBCF in their role of educating and supporting New Zealanders about breast cancer."


Jude Dobson: Healthy lifestyle choices to help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer